Sunday, December 1, 2013

Fruit Dating is out!

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 As I wrote in previous post, this week was really busy. We released two new games: FRUIT DATING and SHARDS!

 This post is on Fruit Dating. You can read about Shards here.

 Fruit Dating is original puzzle game in which you match pairs of fruit of the same color simply by swiping with your finger. The finger motion matches the tilting of the board in any given direction. So, while trying to fulfill your goal, various obstacles like stones, cars or other fruit, hinder the way.

With advanced levels the date-lusty fruit are encountering various other pitfalls such as: one-way tiles, puddles of mud or animal kingdom representatives looking forward to enliven their diet with juicy fruit!

 This time SBC Games joined their forces with LittleColor and with great music composer Matúš Široký. The result is very nice game featuring:

·       three unique worlds,
·       challenge in each of 60+ levels,
·       addictive game play and graphics,
·       new game elements to diversify the game and bring new challenges,
·       25 achievements to fulfill,
·       original music soundtrack.

 We took it really seriously so we have web page. We have presskit. And we have great promo graphics:

 The game is currently available for Android, but bada and Tizen version will come closely. In future I would like add iOS as well.

 During development we had to solve basic problem of all logic puzzles ... where to get levels? In the end we made tool that is generating them procedurally for us. Of course we had to carefully select from the generator output but plenty of levels were interesting or required only small adjustments (while other were total trash). In future I will probably post an article about making the tool on this blog.

Shards is out!

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This week was really busy. We released two new games SHARDS and FRUIT DATING!

 In this post I will introduce Shards and Fruit Dating will be introduced in this post.

 Shards is clone of  Arkanoid / Breakout games. It is a modern approach to the classic brick breaking game. Each of the 50 levels has its own fractal background, uniquely arranged as well as arbitrary scaled and rotated glass bricks for you to destroy.
 The game features about ten various power-ups and a great original soundtrack.

 To manage the physics we employed well known physics library Box2D.

 The game is currently available for Android but Samsung bada version is already in approval process and Tizen version is just a matter of upcoming weeks. The game is made using our small cross platform engine. On this blog I am posting on topics I came accross when building it.

Form game features:
 - enter a world of 50 levels full of glass:
 - each level has its own original stunning fractal background,
 - glassy bricks are of arbitrary sizes and rotate to bring you interesting patterns to destroy,
 - ten power-ups will help you to clean the board,
 - listen to an original soundtrack,
 - play through three difficulty levels