Sunday, February 21, 2016

Phaser tutorial: Spriter Pro features added to Spriter player for Phaser


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   Some time ago I wrote Spriter player for Phaser. In that time, I had only free version of Spriter, so features available only in Pro version were not available in it. In the end of previous year I purchased Pro version and in these days I updated the player to work with new features. It includes:
  • character maps,
  • events,
  • sounds (actually not plying sound, but sending sound event),
  • tags,
  • variables (currently does not interpolate int and float variables)

  Here is live demo of the player:
  • press A to switch animations (demo has 2),
  • press C to stack character maps. There are two and are stacked on each other to give three visual states (first one is basic appearance),
  • text, the guy is saying is fired by string variable change in animation.

 You can get full Typescript source with working demo above at GitHub.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Mobile Income Report #19 - January 2016

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  Apps page - Portfolio (what are my assets?)

 If you do not want to miss any of my Income Reports you can follow me on Twitter. Just click the button above.

 Under Apps page you can see my portfolio. It is list of the games that are then reported in Income Reports. The portfolio is regularly updated with new information (releases for new platforms, new updates, ...)

What I did in January

  • worked on our HTML5 game "Pirates!, the match-3". In January we added all menu popups and also world maps. It is now possible to pass from one test level to another or navigate through all game. Below is animation of "Completed popup":

  • did some hired work for Gamee platform - worked on Snowflakes HTML5 game. All the snow is falling in two layers and clouds are moving. In the end the game looks dynamically:
  • wrote tutorial on using Phaser signals,
  • learning WPF and Unity. WPF for my editors and utilities and in Unity I am still continuing with my experiments. While I am still beginner in WPF, it is obvious that you can create pretty complex UIs with small effort with it.



 Here are January figures for mobile games:

 Earnings are almost $30 higher than in December. But from beginning of February it looks, that it was only temporary increase. Most of the income is from Shards - the brickbreaker game (iOS, Android).

 Structure of income sources is on chart below:

 90% of income comes from ads. Only 2% are from in-apps. So, strategy remains the same: make free game with ads that millions of players will download :-)

 Beside income from mobile games we got some money for HTML5 licences ($122,6) and also for hired works ($833).

 Total income for January for mobile games, HTML5 games and hired work is: $173,3 +$122,6 + $833,0 = $1 128,9.


 In February I will continue our work on "Pirates!, the match-3". I will also do another hired work and continue my experiments in Unity and WPF.