Sunday, June 28, 2015

Mobile Income Report #11 - May 2015

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What I did in May

  • in the beginning of May we finished our new HTML5 game Woodventure (you can play it here). Most of the May work was still related to it - looking for sponsors, negotiations with sponsors, solving requests of sponsors, ... Here is loading screen picture from Woodventure by Tomas Kopecky:
  • beside this I took a look inside CocoonJS by Ludei. This service wraps your HTML5 app into native package, that can be uploaded to Google Play or iTunes. In the end of June Woodventure was published at Google Play and at Amazon. iTunes version is still under approval.

  • still learning Unity. And now building simple game with words and letter. We call it Word Me Up and it is whole in modern flat design. From Unity coder point of view the interesting thing is, that except particle effects it is whole build in new Unity UI system.


 Now comes financial part, which is really sad. Here are figures for paid versions:

 Almost all paid income is from Shards. Little bit higher than in April (from $17,4 to $23,9), but still very low. Versions supported with ads raised a bit too:

  Again, small increase from $75,9 in April to $84,2. Most profitable is Shards and from ad network point of view it is still Chartboost.

 Total numbers for May are $23,9 + $84,2 = $108,1. It is +15,9% increase compared to April. But still very far from mid term target ($750).


 Woodventure still takes some time. I will continue with Unity and Phaser. In June we released native version of Woodventure and we are preparing for next HTML5 game.