Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mobile Income Report #13 - July 2015

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What I did in July

  • started working on new HTML5 game. This time it will be classic match-3 game. Below are first screenshots with placeholder graphics downloaded from internet here and there. We have some experience with match-3 genre as we released Flat Jewels Match 3 game in past. FJM3 was minimalistic clone in modern flat design. This time it will be full blown one with all the bells and whistles. Currently, we have basic gameplay with several different kinds of tasks like getting minimal score, clearing floor tiles, collecting special items, ...

  • still learning Unity and Soomla libraries. I decided to take one of our old games - Futoshiki - and rewrite it in Unity. The reason is that I accidentally lost source for Android version and the game was never released on iOS. Fortunately, I still have old bada C++ code for the game core. Futoshiki is Japanese puzzle similar to Sudoku, but still different. You have to fill Latin square with numbers from 1-5, so each number is in each row and column only once. You also have to obey relation signs between adjacent cells. My Futoshiki implementation has built in generator and solver so it never runs out of puzzles. The solver solves it in human like manner, so it can rate difficulty of generated puzzle. Most of the game is currently finished. We implemented Soom.la libraries into it to handle IAPs and social networks. Here are two screenshots from WIP version:


 Here are figures for paid apps in July:

 There is increase from $15,0 i June to $20,4.

 Dominant income from paid versions is from Shards - the Brickbreaker - more than 90%.

 Figures for free versions supported with ads show increase, compared to June, from $57,6 to $103,9.

 Again, the most profitable game is Shards. From ad network point of view, Amazon stays at 20%, while Chartboost increased its share from 42% to 47%. AdMob is losing 9% from 35% to 28%.

 Last income source is from HTML5 licences. For July we earned $988 for Woodventure license. It is less than earnings in June, but it still means I am over my mid-term target ($750).

 Total income for July is $20,4 + $103,9 + $988 = $1 112,3. It is -55% decrease, but I am still happy with it as in figures for June several payments were accumulated for long time work. I am also happy that income from mobile games finally stopped its fall.


 In August I will continue to work on HTML5 match-3 game in Phaser and I hope we will also finish Futoshiki game made in Unity.