Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Mobile Income Report #29 - November 2016

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 Under Apps page you can see my portfolio. It is list of the games that are then reported in Income Reports.

What I did in November

  • spent some time with work on client projects. Will bring screenshots in next report,
  • added new levels to HTML5 version of Pirates! - the match 3. Still have to test it:
  • worked on Unity version of Pirates. Currently, main menu, map selection and map scenes are working. Only missing little thing is game itself :-)
  • if you examined screenshot above, you may noticed some markers on map. In November I invested into a few Unity plugins:
  • So, my Christmas happen already in November. Last two plugins are 3D related and shows my interests in next year - I finally want to create also something in 3D! 


 Here is first of last two income reports. I decided to end it in December to close year 2016. It started as income report from mobile games, but it is more and more about HTML5 games as income from mobile ones is still pretty low. Picking such a small figures from many internet consoles is boring and I decided to invest saved time into writing more tutorials and technical articles next year.

 Here is income from mobile games in November:

  Figures are slightly better than in October ($84,3)

  As usually, the highest income is from ads.

 Income from HTML5 hired work and HTML5 licences for November is $1 480,9.

 Income from my book for November is $198,8.

 Total income for November is $1 787,0. It is 28,3% decrease, compared to October ($2 490,8).


 In December I am again working on some client projects. Beside it, I am rewriting Pirates into Unity and making new levels for it.