Friday, October 23, 2015

Mobile Income Report #15 - September 2015

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What I did in September

  • next I was working on Futoshiki remake in Unity. Futoshiki is now released for Android and is in approval process on iOS. I had to struggle with lot of issues from simple ones to hard ones. But, at least we managed to use libraries for IAPs (Soomla Store) and social networks (Soomla Profile) as well as ads integration and mediation with Heyzap (+ Unity Ads, Chartboost and AdMob).


 Figures for paid apps in September looks like this:

 September earning are half of the August ones. As usually most of the income is from Shards.

 Free versions with ads inside are here:

 Big increase in iOS Fruit Dating downloads is because of promotion event at AppGratis. Ad network shares changed only slightly in favor of Chartboost.

 Total income for September is $10,3 + $169,0 = $179,3. It is +2,4% increase - in other worlds: it is almost the same as month before.


 I will continue our work on match 3 game. I have one big task ahead - to make some level editor for it. As I finally got some experience with Unity (good as well as bad), it is maybe time to think about some game bigger game in it.

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Futoshiki at Google Play Futoshiki at iTunes

 If you like Sudoku, then you'll love Futoshiki. Futoshiki is another popular Japanese numeric puzzle game.

 On a 5x5 grid the aim is to put, in each row and column, numbers from one to five, so they do not repeat themselves. Numbers must also respect the relational signs placed between some cells. Some cells may already be filled from the beginning. They are, like the relation signs, part of the puzzle and cannot be overwritten.

 To make notes, simply tap the selected cell second time. Tapping once again exits notes mode.

 For solving puzzles you get "win points". You can unlock new background themes with them.

 The game includes a generator offering the player three difficulty levels, from easy through medium to hard. For each generated puzzle only one unique solution is guaranteed.