Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mobile Income Report #27 - September 2016

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 Under Apps page you can see my portfolio. It is list of the games that are then reported in Income Reports.


What I did in September

  •  finished another one-button game for Gamee platform. It is called Ridhwan's Unicorn. In this game I used P2 physics and developed some new procedures for my future games.
  •  last time I mentioned Jewel Jungle game made for Famobi, but I did not attached screenshots. So, here are some as I think Tomas made really nice graphics.
  • working on another client game. Next, month I will add details and screenshots.



 Bellow you can see table with data for income from mobile games:

 There is $9 increase, compared to August ($115,8). As in past, strongest asset in my mobile portfolio is Shards.


 Most of the income still comes from ads - 90% (85% in August).

 Income from HTML5 hired work and HTML5 licences for September is $2 845,70.

 This month, there is new type of income first time - income from my book. For September it earned $177,30.

 Total income for September is $3 147,80. It is 51,7% increase, compared to August ($2 074,40), but not all the earnings are mine (I have to share with other team members).



 In October, I am again working on some client projects. Unfortunately, I still did not get back to Pirates and my Unity experiments.