Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New games released: Elsa Jewels, JumpTuber and Brick Stacker


 It has been long since I last posted info about games I finished. So, here is list of games finished or released in first quarter of 2017.

Elsa Jewels

 Elsa Jewels was exclusively made for Famobi. It features popular Disney's characters - Anna and Elsa from Frozen. And yes, Olaf is there too!
 You can play the game here.


 JumpTuber is game to promote local youtuber Jirka Kral. Jirka is running from left to right in his youtuber den, picking likes and hamburgers. He has to avoid ducks and other items thrown at him by other youtubers. Game was made for Gamee platform and you can play it here.

Brick Stacker

 Last game in this list is Brick Stacker. It is another game made for Gamee. You have to build as high tower of blocks as possible. Test your building skills here (it is the best to play it on some device with portrait screen).