Monday, July 20, 2015

Mobile Income Report #12 - June 2015

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What I did in June

  •  with help of CocoonJS by Ludei we created native versions of our latest HTML5 game Woodventure for Android and iOS and published it at Google Play, Amazon and iTunes,

  • did some contracted work (small game in HTML5), 
  • started examining Unity tools for IAPs and social network profiles,
  • beside this I am still learning Unity and Phaser engine.


 This month the report will have one additional part - income from HTML5 licences as we finally got some money for our work. But let's start with paid mobile apps:

 June was very week month. There is next big decrease in income from paid versions from $23,9 in May to $15 in June. All income came from Shards.

 Next table shows income from free version supported with ads:

  I already added Woodventure, but the game was released in the very end of month. Here is structure of ads income:

 Here is also decrease from $84,2 in May to $57,6 in June. Most noticeable decrease is in Chartboost, which is less than half of previous month income. Contrary, AdMob is almost twice as much.

 And finally, income from licenses for Woodventure and Annihilate for June is $2 398,8.

 So, total numbers for June are $15 + $57,6 + $2 398,8 = $2 471,4. It is +2186% increase!!! But, if I take closer look inside, there is -33% decrease from mobile games income and big one time income for HTML5 work, that took several months to finish.


 In July we started to work on new HTML5 game in Phaser engine. Continue work in Unity and I also published one Unity tutorial on making list of scrolling items you can swipe through.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Unity tutorial: swipe controlled ScrollRect with items snapping

 When using mobile apps you often see screen with list of items you can list through with finger swipes. Currently I also need such screen for one of my games. First, I searched through internet and found this page at Bitbucket. There is "HorizontalScrollSnap" component, but unfortunately, I did not managed to make it work, so I decided to create my own.

 My target was also to create component, that will work not only horizontally, but also vertically.

 Here is screenshots of component in action.

  Final component is one C# script (about 300 lines of code) and you can use it in your projects if you download it here.

 Here is short video showing how to set up the component and what are its features: