Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mobile Income Report #5 - October 2014 (monthly income report from Android, iOS, Tizen, ... games)

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What I did in October

 October report is very short. I continued to work on my projects, but there was not any big or noticeable event.


 This month I decided to remove bada stats from the report. The reason is that bada is dead OS and also downloads are negligible now. If there will be any download it will be merged with Android stats, but I doubt.

 So, let's get to the figures. Here are stats for paid apps:

 Last month was strongly affected with Shards being "Free App of the Day" as Amazon. In October the effect of this faded. The decrease is from $375 to $146,9.

 The ratios changed a lot from last month. In September the Shards share was 93%. Now, Deadly Abyss 2 has almost half of the profit and for Android it was more profitable than Shards. probably this is some echo of "Free App of the Day" for Deadly Abyss 2 which was in the very end of September..

 For ads supported apps I decided to remove Tapjoy. I had only very low traffic there and the performance was not satisfying for me. The Chartboost, the usual leader of my ad incomes, decreased from $75,2 to $60 - it was one of the weakest months in this year. Total ads income decreased from $168,7 in September to $128,2.

 The shares are almost the same as in September as the decrease was not only for Chartboost, but also for other sources:

 So, total income for SBC team in October = $146,9 + $128,2 = $275,1 (- 49,4% compared to September report). It is still far away from my mid term target $750 / month.


 In October I worked on some new games and also continued my work on big Unity project I am involved in. In November report I will report impact of some app promotion events for Fruit Dating.