Friday, January 30, 2015

Mobile Income Report #7 - December 2014 (monthly income report from Android, iOS, Tizen, ... games)

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What I did in December

  • in December I continued work on our games, mainly Flat Jewels Match 3. We finished the game itself and mainly worked on additional features like various "game services" and so on. Now, when writing this post, the game is released on Android (at Google Play and at Amazon) and it is in approval process for iOS 
Flat Jewels Match 3 - menuFlat Jewels Match 3 - gameplay

  • I also started learning HTML5 and Javascript as it is whole new field of opportunities for simple games. First I used Netbeans IDE, which I really like, for my first attempts. But then I found there is Typescript language that can help with type checks and you can write code in more convenient way, so I switched to Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2013, which is free for individual developers and has Typescript support. Typescript is superset of Javascript, so everything you write is compiled into Javascript,
  • you can start to write your HTML5 game from scratch or save some time and use some engine. There is lot of them. But finally I ended with Phaser by PhotonStorm as I like their approach and it is obvious that the engine is constantly being improved,
  • On 31st December there was promotion event on Shards by AppGratis. It brought more than 17k downloads in one day and more importantly it helped us to gain some positive user ratings.


 Here are December figures for paid apps:

 While income from iOS games is more or less stable (from $27 in November to $24,3), there is decrease in Android versions (from $38,1 to $22,4). Total amount $46,7 means decrease from $65,1 in November.

 Shards with 60% share is still most profitable from our games.

 Stats for free versions of our games are these:

 There is really big decrease from $220,7 in November to $107,4 in December. In November there was good result with Chartboost (close to $150), but it did not lasted long time. Also income from other networks was lower in december.

 Total income for December was $46,7 + $107,4 = $154,1 which is -46% decrease compared to November and it is really very bad result...


 In January I am continuing in work on our games - Flat Jewels Match 3 game was released on Android and is in approvel process on iOS. I hope it will help me little bit. I am also continuing in my Typescript / Phaser experiments and I hope there will be some results soon.