Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mobile Income Report #28 - October 2016

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What I did in October

  • in October I finished another one-button game for Gamee platform. Its name is Gravity Ninja and it is fast paced runner with gravity flipping. You can play it here. Now, when writing this post, it already has 2.4 millions of plays!
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  • finally, I got back to "Pirates - the match-3". But in little bit different way. While finishing HTML5 version on one side, I started to convert it into Unity on other side. We also have new main menu screen:


 Here is income from mobile games for October:

 There is big decrease, compared to September ($124,8). But it is also true, that I did no changes or updates to my mobile apps for very long time.

 As in past, the highest income is from ads.

 Income from HTML5 hired work and HTML5 licences for October is $2 063,8.

 Income from my book for October is $342,7.

 Total income for October is $2 490,8. It is 20,9% decrease, compared to September ($3 147,8).


 In November I am again working on games for clients. I finally got back to Pirates - I am working on HTML5 version as well as on Unity version. I am starting to take my Unity exploration seriously.