Friday, October 12, 2012

Projects history - Part I: Atari and DOS times

 This is first part describing our SBC projects and also my pre-SBC projects. Today I will briefly go through my very old Atari and DOS works.


 In 1989 we (me and my brother) got our first computer - the great Atari 800 XL. It was not so common to have computer at home in those times. But fortunately my schoolmate Ladislav Salát had also one. We both had the same interests. Not only we played that good old games but we were also curious how things work. Yes, we were young, wild and in short time we were drunken with power of 6502 machine code! Together we created Music Master 5 (can be run in emulator). It was kind of jukebox where under each letter of alphabet was one computer song ripped from some famous Atari game:

 Some time after that I created simple game with name Kosmonauti (can be played in emulator). The game was really very hard to play... Umm, well ... it was unplayable. Graphics was just pile of rips from other games. But it was completely written directly in machine code. Here are some screenshots:


 In 1993 we got our first PC. It was 386SX machine with 42MB hard drive and 256 color VGA graphics card. For this comp I first created simple logical game Cases (will run ok in DosBox). You controlled small tank like character and your task was to pick up objects in room. The room was all crammed with cases which you could move:

  My next game was named Bloody Revenge (will run ok in DosBox) and it was frenzy action platformer similar to Atari Kosmonauti. With main character you are wandering from left to right through screens and shooting the enemies:

 There was lot of unfinished experiments and my only last finished game was Požár. It was simple game where you controlled with mouse the platform in the bottom of the screen and your task was to catch survivors jumping out of windows in tree village. The characters were taken mostly from old NES games:

 This was first part of my portfolio history describing pre-SBC times. Next part will show you old Gameboy and Symbian projects and Jupiter, the second member of our small team, will appear on the stage! So, stay tuned...

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