Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fruit Dating - upcoming puzzle game

 One more post today. Beside Shards I am also working on another game. The name is Fruit Dating and my role in the project is programmer. Bellow you can see some screenshots from the game. Very nice and neat graphics is work of Tomáš Kopecký from

 The game is logical puzzle and target platforms are Android, bada and new Linux based OS Tizen. The screenshots are taken from working desktop Windows version (through OpenGL ES emulation libraries).

 If you ever tried to make puzzle game you will agree that most of the work is in design of puzzles. It is also valid for our game, but thanks to small trick we saved lot of work. The name of this trick is: procedural generation.

 To create interesting puzzles we created generator/editor. It is written in Java and it can not only generate puzzles, but also solve them. The generator is also focused on aesthetic side of puzzle - it tires to generate more or less symmetric walls. With drag and drop features you can adjust positions of fruit and stones and then resolve the level to check whether it is still solvable.

The second part of the tool is editor where we can decorate the level with trees, ...

 The game will be finished this year and we hope you will enjoy it!

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