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Mobile Income Report #6 - November 2014 (monthly income report from Android, iOS, Tizen, ... games)

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 Under Apps page you can see my portfolio. It is list of the games that are then reported in Income Reports. The portfolio is regularly updated with new information (releases for new platforms, new updates, ...)

What I did in November

  •  in November there were several promotion events for our previous games. All of them were in this way: we will promote your app, but you will set it free during promotion period. So, there is not direct impact into income, but it is still worth as it brings some publicity. The events were these:
    • 7th November - Fruit Dating was featured as "Free app of the day" at Amazon Brazil. It brought 854 downloads. It is obvious, that Amazon in US, UK or Germany is more popular (as we experienced with Shards promotion) than in Brazil, but it is still great feeling if your game is featured somewhere,
    • 11th-14th November - Shards was featured at Amazon China. It brought close to 950 downloads. Here is part of main screen:

    • 9th and 12th November - Fruit Dating was promoted through AppGratis. AppGratis is app discovery service. Users have it installed in their phones and are offered one free app a day. The promotion was for both Android (9th) and iOS (12th). Total number of downloads exceeded 13000. AppGratis was most effective from all November promotions,
    • 28th November - Fruit Dating was promoted through Appgratuita service. It looks that this service is smaller and focused mainly on Italy. Again, both versions, Android and iOS were promoted with around 680 downloads.
  • we (me and Tomáš Kopecký) started to work on new game - classic match 3. But we moved it into world of flat design. We do not want to compete with other match 3 games with shiny graphical effects. We want to make neat match 3 game with small install size, that will not push players into IAPs. Game has two modes - levels and time attack. Currently we are testing all 150 levels. This is our first game we put Google Analytics into. The events sent from game help us balance levels difficulty. Here is arranged screenshot (used Free iPhone 6, 4.7-inch Template from

  • I still continue in work on big Unity project. The progress is slow as I am also still learning Unity as I go. Anyway, I have small but flexible system for moving platforms and other objects. It is combined with flexible events and I already made some applications of this system in the game. I also started writing tutorials on these Unity topics. You can read first three here:
  And here is how result can look - object is following defined path (yellow squares), is performing different kinds of move (linear, quadratic), can wait in path nodes, is emitting event (blue circle) on impact (dust). Other features are described in tutorials.


 Now, to November figures. Here is table for paid apps:

 There is big decrease, compared to October. From $146,9 to $65,1. It is because effect of big promotion events for Shards and Deadly Abyss 2 in September is definitely over.

 Promotion events in November were related mainly to Fruit Dating. For this reason its share increased from 5% to 15%. The most profitable is still Shards.

 In table and chart below are stats for versions supported with ads. I also moved here downloads during promotion events as these downloads were for free. Leaving it in paid table would spoil stats.

 All income channels are more or less the same as in October except for Chartboost. November was the best month with Chartboost during this year (its share raised from 47% to 67%). Thanks to it the overall income remained close to income in October:

   total income for SBC team in November = $65,1 + $220,7 = $285,8 (+ 3,9% compared to October report). It is still far away from my mid term target $750 / month.


 In December I am continuing work on my projects. I hope we will finish and release our match-3 game. I will also continue with Unity game and currently I have at least one topic I want to write tutorial on (how to keep colliders visible in part of object hierarchy in scene editor when editing single collider)

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