Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Phaser book on making procedural endless runner finished

 After a few months of work I finally finished my first Phaser book. Its name is "Create procedural endless runner in Phaser with TypeScript".

 Create procedural endless runner in Phaser with TypeScript

 In the book you develop procedural endless runner game "Goblin Run". You can see and play final result at It is using popular HTML5 engine Phaser and code is written in TypeScript. TypeScript is superset of JavaScript and if you are JavaScript programmer you should have no problems to follow. 

  Game features procedural level generation, spikes, in-air bonus jumps and gold to gather. Whole book is one big tutorial from setting up project to finishing polished game.
 Book is accompanied with complete resource files as well as with folders with source project for every chapter. All source code in book and in files is well documented.

 You can get it at Gumroad, as well as see there detailed table of  contents.

 This book is not for absolute beginners, who are learning what is variable and how to make loop. It is for people who have some basic knowledge what is Phaser, how to make something simple with it and now want to make something “bigger”, what will be beyond simple how-to examples. Book is one big tutorial that does not end with working prototype, but ends with complete game.