Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Futoshiki - Japanese puzzle for Android and Samsung bada

Android app on Google Play

 This is last from our short articles presenting our recent projects. This time it is Futoshiki also known as unequal. It is another Japanese puzzle similar to sudoku while with different experience. I made this game as I was fascinated how big scale of problems from easy to really very hard can be presented on small 5x5 grid.

 The game contains infinite number of puzzles in three difficulties - easy, medium, hard. Every time you select new game the original puzzle is generated on the fly. It is tested for uniqueness of the solution as it is not fun if there are more than one solutions. To properly rate the difficulty the game contains also solver that is solving it with about 9 logic patterns. Every pattern occurrence is rated with some mark which in total gives difficulty rating.

 This was our first game for Android and it was made in times when I did know nothing about Android programming UI thread and so on. So, the generating of the puzzle which may take few seconds runs on UI thread which is not good as it may pop up "not responding" message. But if you have decent average phone it runs all OK.

 The game is free so if you are sudoku lover and feel little bit tired with it lately try this game. There are also several skins inside - the dark one, bright and seasons. Under seasons there are 4 randomly chosen sub-skins for spring, autumn, summer and winter.

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