Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mahjong Tris - Android and Samsung bada game

Android app on Google Play
 About 14 days ago we released Android version of our older game Mahjong Tris. The game was originally written for Samsung OS bada as an contest entry when this new OS was introduced. We placed among top 300 qualifiers and as a reward we got new Wave I phone.

 The game is experimental combination of mahjong tiles falling from top in tetris style.

 For Android the game was completely rewritten into our small cross-platform engine. The original game was made in rush but it has very nice graphics by Jupiter and very catchy music tunes from Honza Dušek. For Android the game is free so do not wait and download it!

 As already promised, in future articles I will describe the snippets from building our cross-platform engine. But before that I have to write one more post with presentation of our Futoshiki game.

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