Sunday, March 1, 2015

Annihilate, puzzle game made with Phaser engine, is finshed!

 Finally, we just finshed our HTML5 game called Annihilate. Game was made using great Phaser engine. Annihilate is puzzle game in which you are matching pairs o atoms. In 48 levels you have to avoid various pitfalls like lasers, black holes, ...

 Now, we are looking for sponsors. If you are interested, conntact me at my gmail address: tomas[dot]rychnovsky[at]gmail[dot]com

 Game features:
  • 48 puzzle levels,
  • nice simple and clear graphics and music,
  • scales well for different screen resolutions (no black belts on iPhone nor iPad),
  • ready for easy translation

 And you can try the game right here!:


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