Friday, March 6, 2015

Mobile Income Report #8 - January & February 2015

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 As there were no interesting events in January I merged January and February report together.

What I did in January and February

  • Flat Jewels Match 3 is finished. In February we released iOS version at iTunes. Unfortunately, number of downloads is low. As we passed Amazon's developer select program with Android version we will have advertising campaign with 500k impressions in March for free,
  • on 27th January Shards was promoted by AppGratis on Android. We finally crossed 50k downloads at Google Play,
  • in the end of February we finished our first HTML5 game Annihilate. You can play it right here. Game is build with Phaser engine. Now we are looking for sponsors. Read whole post on Annihilate here. Annihilate is simple puzzle game in modern design. It scales well on almost any resolution:



 First numbers for January. Here are paid apps:

 In January Shards dominates. In the beginning of the month there was positive effect of promotion of iOS version by AppGratis which took place on 31th December 2014 and promotion of Android version on 27th January.

 Here are versions supported with ads for January:

 In January income from ads was really poor. Chartboost was only $39 compared to $61 in December, but it still stays the most profitable ads network for us. Admob earnings are getting lower and lower with the same traffic. In the end of January Flat Jewels Match 3 was released for Android and you can see first $2 from it :-)

 In February paid apps did like this:

 Decrease compared to January (from $76 to $37,5). Almost all earnings are from Shards for Android and iOS.

 Fortunately, income from free versions increased little (from $84,2 to $128,5) to compensate decrease from paid apps:

 Surprise for us are earnings from Chartboost for Flat Jewels Match 3. Despite lower number of downloads compared to Shards, the earnings are almost the same. Now the question is: did we something wrong with Shards? Or did we something good with Flat Jewels Match 3? Flat Jewels Match 3 is also our first free app for iOS.

 Total income for January was $76,0 + $84,2 = $160,2 which is +3,9% increase compared to December.

 Total income for February was $37,5 + $128,5 = $166,0 which is another +3,6% increase compared to January... All I need now is to increase the base for calculation :-)



 Next month I will report our experience with looking for sponsors for our first HTML5 game Annihilate. We are working on next HTML5 game.
 Also I invested some money into tutorials by 3DBuzz on new Unity UI. These tutorials are really great and I hope it will help me to start our first own Unity game. We already have clear idea and game design.

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