Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mobile Income Report #9 - March 2015

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What I did in March

  • in March we got 500 free ad impressions for Flat Jewels Match 3 as we passed developer select conditions. Unfortunately, it did not bring any downloads. Currently, downloads are very low, but people who played the game says they liked it. They say, they liked simple tasks you are given in every round and also some levels were challenging for them.

  • I wrote small tutorial on two ways of using LERP in Unity. You can read it here.
  • I am studying Unity and Phaser engines intensively,
  • in the end of March we submited lite version of Shards - the Brick breaker to iTunes (and it was approved in the beginning of April). Now, everyone can play this modern Arkanoid / Breakout clone for free!


 Here are March figures for paid apps:

 There is next decrease from $37,5 in February to $24,2.

 Unfortunately, versions supported with ads did not make better too:

  There is decrease from $128,5 in February to $101,2. Decrease is in Amazon and Chartboost network, while AdMob is more or less the same.

 Total numbers for March are $24,2 + $101,2 = $125,4. It is -24,5% decrease compared to February. Very bad month...


 I am still learning Unity and Phaser. In April I wrote some Phaser tutorials on resizing screens, on adding custom properties to sprite atlases and on creating custom easing functions.
 But, from financial point of view it looks that April will be bad also. I am still very far from my mid-term target $750.

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