Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mobile Income Report #10 - April 2015

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 Under Apps page you can see my portfolio. It is list of the games that are then reported in Income Reports. The portfolio is regularly updated with new information (releases for new platforms, new updates, ...)

What I did in April

  • in April I was working on our second HTML5 game made with Phaser engine.The game names Woodventure and it is mahjong connect clone. We replaced traditional mahjong tiles with pictures of animals and things you can find in woods. All animals are animated so the play board is "live" during game. We finished the game in the beginning of May and now we are negotiating with sponsors. You can try the game here and below is few pictures:

  •  finally, I continued in learning Unity.


 Here are April figures for paid apps:

 There is decrease from $24,2 in March to $17,4.

 Shards - the Brickbreaker stays the most profitable game.

 There is also decrease in apps supported with ads. From $101,2 in March to $75,9 in April:

 Total numbers for April are $17,4 + $75,9 = $93,3. It is -25,6% decrease compared to March. If last month was very bad, this one is even worse...


 I am continuing my journey to $750 target. In March I wrote some new Phaser tutorials and started exploring CocoonJS, that will allow us publish Woodventure on appstores.

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