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Mobile Income Report #14 - August 2015

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What I did in August

  • in August I continued work on our new HTML5 game, which will be match-3 game. Thanks to experience from our minimalistic Android/iOS match-3 game Flat Jewels Match 3 I had good start. Currently whole core mechanics are implemented and working together with system of level targets. We can ask players to:
    • achieve some score,
    • match X gems of given type (either threes or fours),
    • unlock any amount of treasure chests locked with lock and chains,
    • collect special items,
    • dig in sand covering board to find hidden treasures,
    • release gems from spider webs and gems frozen in ice cubes,
    • cut your way through jungle,
    • fight enemy ships, rescue friends, fight bosses
  • here you can see two screenshots from current progress:

  • ships on the second image are fully animated as during development of this game I made skeletal animations player for Phaser for animations exported from Spriter. I also wrote tutorial on this topic here. It opens great opportunities how to make game much better and attractive, while keeping code clean,
  • you can also note, that there are some numbers upside down on second image. These are score particles flying and rotating after gems match in funny directions. These are particles and BitmapText in the same time! Phaser has particle system, but unfortunately it did not meet my current needs, so I had to write my own. As a result I can easily make particles that are animated, contains another particle emitters, contains text and so on. With this I can spawn these score particles with "fire and forget" manner and I do not need to have prerendered numbers for all possible score values,
  • in August I wrote one more Phaser tutorial. It is easy trick how to make fake z-order in two moving groups. In fact z-order is real, all items are in one group, but are transformed as if they were in another group,
  • we continued also on our work in Unity on Futoshiki game. Game is almost finished. Now we have to test in-app purchases. This time I tried to implement Heyzap mediation for ads. Now I am exploring some ways how to optimize size of the build. Here are two screenshots:


 Here are figures for paid apps in August:

 It remains more or less on the same level as July.

 Most of the income is from our brickbreaker Shards as usually.

 Free version with ads are here:

 There is increase by $50 compared to July. Most of the increase is from Chartboost ads and part is from AdMob.

 For August we have no earnings from HTML5 licences.

 Total income for August is $21,3 + $153,7 = $175. It is -84% decrease - mainly because no HTML5 license sales. But the match-3 game we are working on looks to be strong asset.


 I hope we will finish and publish our new Unity version of Futoshiki. I will also continue work on our match-3 HTML5 game - all basic gameplay features are working and now we will need some level editor.

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