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Mobile Income Report #18 - December 2015

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 Under Apps page you can see my portfolio. It is list of the games that are then reported in Income Reports. The portfolio is regularly updated with new information (releases for new platforms, new updates, ...)

What I did in December

  • purchased Spriter Pro license. So, I can implement Pro features into my Spriter player for Phaser (GitHub) in future,
  • our upcoming HTML5 match-3 game with pirates has finally name: "Pirates!, the match-3",
  • created another editor for Pirates!. This time the editor is for game maps (not levels or tile maps). In most of our latest games we had some map player is moving on. This editor allows me to easily manipulate with important map places as well as decorate map wit either static images or Spriter animations. Technology used is C# + WPF:

  • worked hard on Pirates! We finished map selection screen - all is animated and pretty dynamic:

  • continued experiments with Unity. Dived into shaders and pixel perfect cameras. As a result I have shader for normal mapped 2D sprites that cast and receive shadows.


 I did changes in regular report part of these posts. As we started using two more ad networks (Unity Ads and Heyzap) in December, the current report would get too complex. So, it is simplified now:

 Currently all apps are in one table and columns are income sources.

 Most income is again from Shards - the brickbreaker game (iOS, Android).

 Additionally, in December we got some income from our HTML5 games licences - $8130.

 Total income for December is $144,2 + $8130,0 = $8274,2. Income from mobile games is still very poor. Income from HTML5 games is currently saving me. Figures reported here are for whole team and while it still may look as a big income, do not remember, that it is first good income since July!



 Work on "Pirates!, the match-3" speed up a lot in last days. Work on it will continue. Beside this I am doing some smaller hired HTML5 work. And I will also continue in my Unity experiments.

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