Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mobile Income Report #20 - February 2016

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What I did in February

  • worked on our game "Pirates!, the match-3". In February I did only small changes as I was mainly updating Spriter player for Phaser, which the game uses,
  • big update of Spriter player for Phaser. Most of the Pro features is now supported, including character maps, events, tags, variables, sounds. See live demo here,
  • in the end of  2015 I purchased Phaser Box2D plugin. As it is missing Typescript defs, I decided to make mine. In the very beginning of March I put result on public GitHub repository (short post here),
  • did another hired HTML5 work on fast paced puzzle game.


 Here is February table with income from mobile games:

  Income remains more or less stable ($173,3 in January). As in previous months, the most profitable game is still Shards - the brickbreaker (iOS, Android).

 Most of the income came from ads (85%), which decreased a little compared to January (90%). Futoshiki (iOS, Android) game has very low download rate (2-3 downloads a day). But it has good conversion rate - looks like people who enjoy Futoshiki puzzle appreciate built in puzzle generator and are willing to pay for unlocking unlimited number of puzzles. And it also has better visual presentation than other Futoshiki games in my opinion.

 Beside income from mobile games I got some money for HTML5 hired work ($1 157).

 Total income for February for mobile games and HTML5 hired work is: $166,0 +$1 157,0 = $1 323,0. It is increase compared to January ($1 128,9) by 17%.


 In March I am continuing in some hired work and also on our game "Pirates!, the match-3". Beside this I am playing with Phaser Box2D plugin. And finally, I am still experimenting with Unity and learinig WPF.

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