Sunday, July 17, 2016

Mobile Income Report #24 - June 2016

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What I did in June

  • in the very end of June finished Football Star game for Gamee platform. You can play it here
  •  during month we did small adjustments requested by customers to HTML5 version of Shards. It is now published by Famobi and you can play it here:
  •  started work on levels for our big game "Pirates! - the match-3". We build Cordova version with Google Analytics for testing. In Google Analytics we collect data on how difficult it was to finish levels. Currently, we have levels for half of the first world:
  •  in the end of June I started work on HTML5 version of our older Android/iOS game Flat Jewels Match 3. It is now finished and we are looking for sponsors. Game is very simple, but fast paced match 3 game. You are given simple tasks in 150 levels or you can target highest score in Time Attack mode:
  •  during work on Flat Jewels I wrote small tutorial, that was published in beginning of July. In it I explain how to add images into font definitions, so you can print them along with other text,
  • started to write book! Its theme is how to make complete procedurally generated horizontal infinite runner in Typescript with Phaser engine. First 5 chapters (about 50 pages) is finished.


 Here is income from mobile games:

 It is better, than previous month ($119,6), which was really weak. I am afraid, that July will be bad month again.

 More income from paid apps and from in-apps decreased Ads share from 91% in May to 83%. But still, most income is from ads.

 Income from HTML5 hired work and HTML5 licences for June is $2 440,20. 

 Total income for June is $2 583,30. It would be great if I managed to keep it on this level in future.


 In July we will try to get next sponsors for Shards and for Flat Jewels Match 3. I will continue to build new levels for Pirates! - the match-3 and to fine tune older ones. I will also continue work on my first Phaser book. Beside this, I have some client work to do.

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