Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mobile Income Report #21 - March 2016

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What I did in March

  • in the very beginning of March I published Typescript defs for Phaser Box2D plugin at GitHub,
  • I wrote another Phaser tutorial - how to merge fonts generated with Kvazar's Littera or other program for generating fonts into your sprite atlas and thus decrease number of draw calls,
  • continued work on "Pirates!, the match3" game. Tomas Kopecky painted some new sprites, so we are removing placeholders and finishing individual parts of game. Game has really lot of different tasks for players. On first image below you can see digging treasures from sand. On second image, there is another test level with web stick gems.
  •  in March I also started conversion of our game Shards - the brickbreaker, which was originally for Android / iOS, into HTML5. I am using Phaser Box2D plugin. Currently, most of it is finished. Following screenshots are from actual version:
  •  finished some hired work on small HTML5 game.


 Here are March figures for mobile games:

 Income is more or less stable from January: $173,3 - $166,0 - $175,8. Most profitable game remains Shards - the brickbreaker.

 Also structure of income is stable - most of the income is from ads.

 I had no other income this month from HTML5 licences nor hired HTML5 work.

 Total income for March is: $175,8. It is decrease compared to February ($1 323,0). But I am expecting some income from hired work I finished and we also have "frozen" income in our current work: Pirates!, the match3 and Shards - the brickbreaker.


 In April I am working further on our game "Pirates!, the match-3" and finishing Shards - the brickbreaker. I am still slowly experimenting with Unity and learning WPF.

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