Monday, January 23, 2017

Mobile Income Report #30 - December 2016

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What I did in December

  • as usual, I was working on client projects. One of them, one-button game Little Plane, was already published at Gamee

  • worked on both Unity and HTML5 version of our match-3 game Pirates! 58 of 62 levels in world 1 are finished and we are doing finishing touches like adding more particle effects. Our friend Juraj from SoundRose studio made music tracks for game and is now working on sound effects.

Create procedural endless runner in Phaser with TypeScript


 As already announced in November, this is last income report. I decided to end it, because it started as income report from mobile games, but it is more and more about HTML5 games as income from mobile ones is still pretty low. Picking such a small figures from many internet consoles is boring and time consuming. I decided to invest saved time into writing more tutorials and technical articles.

 Figures for December are here:

  There is again decrease compared to November ($107,3). But, as I already said in past, I did nothing with this my mobile portfolio for very long time. I hope this will change in 2017 as I plan to focus more on Unity and spread my time between it and Phaser.
 Most of the income is still from ad in Shards - the brickbreaker game.

 Income from HTML5 hired work and HTML5 licences for December is $1 968,3.

 Income from my book for December is $252,6.

 Total income for December is $2 303,0. It is 28,9% increase, compared to November ($1 787,0).


 In January I am still working on some games for clients and continue with levels and finishing touches for first world of Pirates! I am also taking some Unity video courses I purchased on Udemy.

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